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Congratulations, You're eligible for $700,
Just Join our Airlines Compensation Plus Plan to submit your claim to airlines

Fly smart with Airlines Compensation Plus Plan,

Get up to $700 compensation for all your past and future flights. The protection you need when your flights don’t go to plan.

effectively at just $2.08 per month!








Claim airline compensation the easy way, all year round.

 We endeavor to get you the money you’re entitled to from airlines for all your past and future flights. That includes compensation for delayed or canceled flights, money for lost or damaged luggage, and reimbursement for expenses. 


Up to $700 compensation for flight disruptions

Purchase a one-off annual subscription and we'll help you get up to $700 compensation for your delayed or canceled flights.

Up to $1,400 for luggage problems

Luggage late? Bags beaten and bruised? If you're eligible, we’ll help you reclaim up to $1,400 for delayed, damaged, or lost luggage.

Up to $6,000 for extra expenses

When disruption incurs costs — such as hotels, meals, or transport — we'll help you get your money back when you've spent more than $200 and up to $6,000.

You'll get all of this at just $2.08 per month!



Advice from the experts

From booking discounted flight tickets to smooth travel, It's hard to know what’s going on when your flight gets canceled or delayed. We track your flights and tell you when there’s a disruption and when you’re eligible for compensation. We’re also on hand to give you advice when you need it, before, during, and after a disruption.

What you will enjoy with this plan?

We get you the money you’re entitled to from the airline

  • Up to $700 for compensation for all your past and future flights.

  • Up to $6,000 for extra expenses like hotels, food, car rentals, etc. during the delay.

  • Up to $1,400 for delayed, damaged, or misplaced luggage.

  • You'll get discounted flight ticket rates with us.

  • Get 24/7 expert advice and support.

You'll get all of this at just $2.08 per month!

7 Million+


Over 7 million flights are disrupted worldwide every year.



Thousands of people suffer severe flight delays or cancellations every day.



Most air passengers don’t know their rights.

Hear it from our 60000+ air passengers we’ve helped

Cristian Nita

A five-star rating for their honesty and help

I had a delayed flight of over 3 hours from Toronto to Los Angeles, which absolutely messed up my plans. I later got an email from these guys about my travel, and it was super easy.


They needed my travel details, and with patience for a few months, I was able to get almost $600 of my money without hassle.

I'll definitely recommend them to anyone who has had their travel canceled, delayed, or even changed..

Milena Dzhinkova

Super easy and convenient  to claim money with them

They are very professional and efficient from start to finish. They kept me informed at every stage and I received my money within 4-5 weeks with no hassle. It really was an impressive experience.

All I can say about this company is that they are genuine and trustworthy. Got the compensation for the canceled flight with no hassle. I would really recommend them to anyone who had problems with their flights. Thanks!

Jason Vince

Their $24.99 yearly plan is totally worth it for hassle-free travel.

I have claimed more than $2000 with Airlines Compensation Plus plan. I have claimed compensation for my past canceled flight during covid. 

This time I booked my flight tickets with them for my Europe tour and they helped me to book good discounted flight tickets. 

The best thing I like about them is, that they are very easily reachable over email and WhatsApp. Definitely Recommended! 

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