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Claim $1000 per passenger in 2 mins for delayed or canceled flights of Canada.

As per your air passenger rights, you can claim up to CAD1000 per passenger!


Fill out the form below in 2 mins to start your claim now!

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All Airlines Of Canada And World Must Pay

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All Other Airlines

Based on air passenger rights by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), passenger compensation for flight delays is calculated based on the length of the delay. All flights that are delayed 3 or over 3 hours or flights that are canceled without 14 days prior notice are entitled to full compensation.

Length Of Delay
Compensation (CAD)
3-6 Hours
6-9 Hours
9+ Hours

If you choose to be refunded instead of rebooked, small airlines must still pay you $125.

90% of Air Travellers Are Unaware Of Their
Air Passenger Rights

As per your air passenger rights defined by the Canadian transportation agency, Airlines must provide compensation for the inconvenience of flight cancellations and flight delays of 3 hours or more if the disruption is within their control and not related to safety, and if the airline notified you of the disruption 14 days or less in advance.

Airlines must pay you compensation based on the length of your delay, which is determined by your arrival time at the final destination on your ticket.

How Does It Work

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Claim in 2 Minutes
Just fill basic Flight details

Tell us about the airlines you travelled with, your departure airport and your departure date

Collect airlines compensation

Once you submit the form, we will immediately check your eligibility and submit the claim to the airline to reimburse the money you deserve!

passenger waiting for delayed flight in Canada

Flight Delay Compensation in Canada

Passengers waiting after flight cancelletion at canadian airport

Flight Cancelation Compensation in Canada

As per your air passenger rights defined by the Canadian Transportation Agency, all the airlines of the world are liable to pay up to $1000 per passenger if their flight is delayed by 3 or more hours. Airlines are also responsible to provide meals, accommodation, transportation, etc.

As per law, if airlines cancel your flight without prior notice of 14 days, then airlines must pay you up to CAD 1000 per passenger. This rule applies to all last-minute flight cancellations, along with compensation they must also provide you meals, accommodation, and transportation if you connecting flight and got stuck at the airport due to the flight cancellation.

Family at canadian airport  after involuntry denied boarding

Involuntary Denied Boarding Compensation

passenger missed connecting flight at canadian airport

Missed Connecting Flight Compensation 

When you're involuntarily bumped from a flight, Airlines must pay up. You are entitled to up to CAD 2400 in compensation!  Airlines usually overbook flights to avoid flying with unoccupied seats, hence sometimes they forcefully deny boarding of a few passengers. 

Missed your connecting flight due to airline delays? You could be entitled to CAD 1000 compensation! Missed connection compensation refers to the compensation that airlines may offer to passengers who miss their connecting flights due to delays or other reasons beyond their control.

Are you ready to claim up to $1000 airline compensation?


We helped more than 50000 passengers before you

Peter Crawford
Toronto, Canada

First Class service and excellent result

Easy and seamless process by Airlines Compensation has helped me get compensation for my recent flight delay from Air Canada in a super efficient way. I love how I was constantly updated with the progress through emails and resolved it in no time. Thank you for your amazing service.

Vancouver, Canada

Quick and Smooth at a price.

We are happy we tried to get compensation via Airlines Compensation. It was easy we just submitted documents (flight ticket) and rest was taken care for on our behalf. It took month and half to get money which is fine with us:)

purchasing there plus plan was 100% worth it. I reaceived $700 by paying them just $24.99 for delayed westjet Flight.

Adam S
Ottawa, Canada

Absolutely loved it. Trust them, it 100% works.

Initially I was not aware about my air passenger rights, so I was not sure that is it legit. But I can't believe today morning when I receive the credit in my bank account. 
It took them just 2 weeks to get my money from Flair Air. 

It's 100% recommeded, I got $250, it's always a win-win situation.

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